Make Time For Things That Make You Happy

We are now officially into the second month of the new year. I can't believe it. We're getting closer to spring - YAY!
I'm also starting to get the feel for 2018 and that really makes me happy.

I know my Instagram looks as if I am still in Joshua Tree and even though I wish I was, I am definitely in hustle / conquer the world mode.

I have a full-time awesome job, I go to blogger events, I have photoshoots planned and Collective SWAY is about to go into full swing.

It seems like a lot, but I have also made a promise to myself  - I am making time for things that make me happy, but I'm also not sacrificing my time or my work because in the end that will not level up to happiness.

This photoshoot was fun - it definitely made me happy. 

It's something I definitely learned in 2017. I stretched myself pretty thin and didn't finish or even start half the things I wanted to. I'm not going to stop saying yes to new opportunities or risks, but I am going to take a breath before I jump all in. I could write about work, life, family, friends, side projects balance - but that's a whole other blog series. LOL! 

I just know that my happiness lies in being able to make time for my structured and creative life. I can't do it all and I've always known that, but I haven't always lived it.

This year is already so different and challenging from the years that came before it, that could be a daunting fact, but for me, that's just exciting. 

And why did I decide to share my HAPPY epiphany with these photos  - yes the board, but also because this photoshoot made me happy. This whole trip made me happy. I never did anything like it, I had to take time off of work and there were a lot of reasons to not go. But I knew this experience was worth saying Yes to. It would not be a regret and I was right. 

It was the perfect way to start off 2018. 

This dress made me happy. 

It may seem silly to say  - make time for things that make you happy - but our daily lives can become a routine or maybe you are doing to many things and that can take the happiness out of it. I've fallen into that, so this is reminder for me that I'm sharing with you.

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All photos by @tophatsandtea

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