3 Places I Go When It Rains

It rains a lot in Seattle and as a PNW girl, I love it.
There are three places I find myself at when the rain comes down, besides my couch.

1. Coffee is even better when it rains.

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You could stay home and drink your coffee on a rainy day, but I always seem to find myself packing up my backpack and heading to my neighborhood coffee shop. There's something nice about drinking coffee and watching it rain through big windows.

A few go to coffee shops:
Broadcast Roosevelt, Storyville Pike Place Market, Roy Street Cafe, Elm Coffee Roasters

2. All the books.

One day I realized that when it rains I find myself wandering the aisles at Elliot Bay Bookstore. I don't always buy a book, I'm really indecisive. But I don't feel in a rush when I am there, I can read the back of books, check it on Goodreads, stand in the same place for an unknown about of time - all while it rains outside. I think a lot of Seattle does this, Little Oddfellows is always packed and there's a buzz of people talking - about books.

3.  Touristy, kinda.

I'm ashamed to admit this, but I went to Chihuly Museum for the first time a few months ago. It was a work event and it was raining. I loved it. When you go into the atrium and look up and see the Space Needle looking at you through a rain-soaked window decorated with Chihuly flowers you feel so PNW. I plan to go back there asap - when it's raining of course.

Where do you go when it rains?

I should also add that I don't own an umbrella because I lose them so often. That's why I gravitate to places that are covered. But as long as I have a hood I will go anywhere.

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