Collective Sway Event: Helicopter Ride

I was brave up until the moment I had to get into the helicopter.
I've known for weeks that this was going to happen, I also knew that the helicopter wasn't going to have any doors, but I'm brave and could feel nothing but excitement.

It wasn't until I came face to face with the helicopter that doubt/fear started to creep up. And boy did it creep in.

I knew that the Daiichi Takeuchi, our helicopter pilot was a professional with hours of experience.
I knew that I really wanted to do this.
And great experiences don't come around like this every day.

But when I started to walk towards the helicopter and could feel the vibration of the propeller in my chest I heard that little voice in my head scream "Are you crazy?" and I just shook it off and kept walking.

No regrets. The experience went by in a flash, but it was amazing. Seattle is beautiful. The boats were out, the buildings were majestic and the Space Needle even under construction was a sight to behold.

Would I do it again? In a heartbeat.


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