Not Always What It Seems: Summer Out of the Box Style

This may seem like a typical outfit for you, but for me, this was a little out of my box. I never wear long dresses, wrap dresses or something so low cut.  I also never wear anything that is a little bit country.

But sometimes you have to be bold. 
The shoes were more for an occasion. I was going to an anniversary party for my Godparents that had a slight country theme. So, when I saw these shoes on Vici Dolls I thought they would be perfect. And they were. But I can safely say I would have scrolled right past them if I hadn't been going to a country party. 

What surprised me is that I ended up wearing them a few more times, they go perfectly with short dresses. And the fact that they're more of an off-white/grey color keeps it from being too western. Now, don't get me wrong the country style is not something I'm knocking against, its just not me. 

So, how can a red dress be out of my comfort zone? 
Well as a petite lady, I try to stick more to short dress. But when I saw this, I took a chance and tried it on. It goes against my usual style, it's too long, its too low cut - it couldn't possibly fit my short torso. I wasn't wrong about it being low cut, but I wasn't wearing this to work. But low and behold it did fit my short torso and I didn't have to hem it. Winner. I've only worn this once outside of this shoot. But I have no regrets.

It's funny how out of the box doesn't always have to be something outrageous. It can be a color you never wear, a style that you think you would never try - but sometimes circumstances or the decision to be bold can open you up to fun new (style) possibilities.

Thanks to @_elizabethkathryn for taking these photos of me. Check out her insta. 

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