Should you go to the Blue Lagoon? Yes.

We did our research on this and everything we read said to go on your way from the airport or on the way to the airport. We decided against this. We specifically wanted to be there for sunset, this meant we went on our second day in Iceland. And it was the best, I wasn't tired from traveling and the fact that I didn't have to dress for the plane or worry about how to get to my Airbnb was the best.We did the comfort level that came with a face mask, a towel, and a free drink. The other levels came with robes and other masks, but I didn't feel cheated. It was perfect.

There were a lot of people, but it didn't feel crowded. Charli did bring her big cameras and we took the first 30 minutes to take photos and video. We were able to keep a backpack by the edge of the pool and we took turns getting out in the freezing cold to take photos of each other, and shout out to the Blue Lagoon attendant for taking a photo for us. Once we got a few shots, we locked up the backpack and relaxed.

The water is warm, but if you get close to the rocks its hot. You don't get your own towel hook, it's a free for all. So I'm pretty sure the towel I hung up was mine, but really I have no idea. LOL! They say not to put your hair in the water, I put my hair in the water. I also put in a lot of conditioner before and for a few days after. It doesn't damage your hair, it just gives it some texture.

We spent a total of two hours there, it was the perfect amount of time. So, should you go to the Blue Lagoon? Yes.

photos by @TophatsandTea


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