That's So Iceland: I've Never Been So Cold

I was cold in all of these photos, but now that just makes me laugh. We had grand plans, but Iceland had its own idea. The truth is, you don't know what to expect until you get there, but there are some classic moments that are just inherently Iceland.

I got splashed by a Geyser and survived. Yes, I've seen this on instagram, but there's nothing like experiencing it in person. It was of course raining and I was so cold that my teeth were chattering, but it was worth it.

I thought standing around a geyser was the coldest I had ever been in Iceland, but Gullfoss won hands down. First of all, I can't believe they let you get so close to the edge, and we went as close as they would let us. The closer you get the wetter you get, but if you're going to do it - you have to be all in. It took a few pep talks from Charli for me to lean into it. It's a pretty amazing spot and even though I was miserable on the surface, I was laughing on the inside. If you have the chance to go, go and don't give into fear and stay up above, go all the way down to the edge and the let the waterfall give you wet kisses.

When you rent a car, you get to stop whenever you want and these are a few of my favorite stops. We found a random mini waterfall to climb, a tiny bridge to cross, made friends with horses and more.

At the end of the day, we know our trip only gave us a glimpse at everything that Iceland has to offer.

Photos by @TophatsandTea

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