Two Gowns In Iceland

It wouldn't be an Alix and Charli girls trip without a proper shoot. We knew we wanted a little more drama this trip, so when I saw this dress on Rent the Runway I knew I had to wear it - and I knew I had to wear it in Iceland.

We had grand plans, but the weather changed all that for us. But I'm super happy with how this still came out. It was our last full day in Iceland and we were faced with a now or never moment. It was also super cold, but we wouldn't be in Iceland with these dresses again. So we sucked it up.

We also happened to have the most perfect backdrop in our Airbnb backyard. It offered us the moodiness and the mountains, what more could we ask for.

The wind was flipping our hair, the cold was pricking our skin and the crazy long day created our tired eyes, but it all seemed to work together.  

We also happened to be watching the Haunting of Hill House every night while we were there and I think you can kind of see that in these photos. Right?

photos by @TophatsandTea

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