How do you self-care?

Is making time to be creative the new self-care?

I played the trumpet for 10 years, I was in at least 3 different choirs for 11 years, I wrote poems, short stories, long stories and tried to draw even though I hated everything that came to life on my paper. I took photos, I made short videos, spent hours in photoshop, started a blog, started a creative collective and now... well now I try to find time to go to yoga.

Is this adulting? You give up a few things, so you can work, cook your meals, do laundry, see your friends and your family.

The last few months I've been restless. I stopped reading, writing and singing for me years ago. My blog became like a hustle instead of an outlet, so I found myself taking longer and longer timeouts.

What I've realized is that self-care for me doesn't just mean spas or exercise. It also means finding time to nurture the part of me that needs something fulfilling and creative outside of my normal. When I'm "relaxing" at a spa or in yoga class my mind always wanders off to all of the things I want to do.  I want to learn how to play the piano, I want to be better at taking photos and I miss writing. You don't know how many times I've put together a whole blog post in my head while I'm in mountain pose. I came up with the headline and the first paragraph of this post in yoga class last week.

When we were kids and in college, we were told to open books, join sports, sign up for workshops - take time to discover who you are, try new things. When you join the workforce you have to think about paying rent and career moves. It's part of growing up, but you shouldn't push the creative part of you that you set fire to for most of your life.

I can't do it all now, but there's always first steps. #selfcare

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