Fitness Style: Zumiez Cute Active Wear that I Wore On My Yoga Retreat.

Have you checked out Zumiez for workout clothes?
I hadn’t either, but you REALLY REALLY should. I went on a yoga retreat and I wanted some cute workout clothes to take with me. There's the obvious places to shop, but I wanted to see what else was out there.  So, why didn’t Zumiez come to mind? I had no idea that they had a fitness line. Did you? 

These cute pieces are not only trendy, they’re also great quality and at a fraction of the price of other yoga brands. Whats not to love!!! 

Check them out! 

Wish list:
Tribal workout pants
Dionne Chevron Shorts
Tribal & Mint Sports Bra
Tribal Bralette


Why I Did the Whole 30? And You Know - The Results.

After Christmas and before New Years - I was pretty much over food.
I never thought that day would come. I love food - all kinds of food. But, I came to a point where thinking about what to eat for lunch was such a headache. I had my fill of Pho, cupcakes, Thai and Veggie Grill - pretty much my go to choices when I didn't want to cook - which was daily.
So, when my friend Kendra said that she was going to do Whole 30 in January, I did my research.

It looked too hard.
So many No's. But I've never taken such a strict challenge head on and since its my year of new things - I thought why not.

So, lets be real. The results people had were too good to be true. And yes, I wanted to lose weight. But I also wanted to cook more and learn how to be more aware of what I was eating.
So, this plan was really a great way to start.

The first week was a trick. A few days in and I thought - I got this.
The 5th day, I thought I'm never going to finish this. My energy levels were at an all time low. I could not exercise - running, yoga - nope. I could't even last two minutes without getting "stop in my tracks" tired.

The Whole 30 website has a great symptom timeline and a very active forum, so I knew this exhaustion wasn't abnormal. But mine lasted on the longer side. When I got to day 12 I started to feel normal and could actually make it through a yoga class.

On the food front. I realized that I really loved cooking. I always kind of knew I would, but I never gave myself enough time to get past the awkwardness. It forced me to get creative and it also made me come to terms with the fact that my kitchen was going to be a mess most of the time.

In the first week, I may have been tired, but I started to feel the better. The holiday bloat was gone.

No weighing yourself and no measuring during the challenge. That was hard. 

The second week was like a guessing game. Was I supposed to feel like this? Is this really compliant? I didn't go out to eat once in the first two weeks. This was deliberate. I knew this would be my trying time, so I cooked every meal I ate. I didn't feel amazing in the second week. Sometimes I felt good, sometimes I felt sick. This just made me realize how bad my diet had become in the last few months.Once the second week was done, I knew I was in for the long haul.

The third week, the Whole 30 dance became a lot easier. I even ventured out for two brunches and a few sports bars for football games. I looked at menus beforehand and knew exactly what I could order.

Being prepared is key.

The fourth week - I thought I would be ready to be done. But I was scared. How would I introduce new foods, what would I go back to? Well that was decided for me. I finished on Superbowl Day. I was prepared - Kombucha and I made food that was whole 30 approved. But when Seahawks lost I reached for a cupcake and coca cola. Can you blame me?

I paid for that. The sugar shock was no joke.
I immediately went back on the strict diet.
Moral to the story: It's important to reintroduce food slowly.

I decided I would stick to it until I left for Mexico.

The Results
So the weight stuff.
LOST: 9 pounds (2 inches from thights 1.5 inches around my midsection, 1 inch around my arms)
It was enough for co-workers, old friends and family to comment.
The fit of my clothes has never been better.

What I Learned
  • I like breakfast. I was never a breakfast person, but now I can't start the day without it.
  • I can say no. I said no to a lot of cookies. I said no to getting Pho. I said no to Coca Cola everyday. It became easier, I didn't worry about what people would think. Saying "NO" was best for me. 
  • I don't do 8 hours of sleep. 6 hours is the most I can get. I go to bed earlier I get up earlier. 
  • I like cooking. I don't need to grab food. It takes me just as long to make and its better for me. 
  • That my diet is forever changed. 

This has definitely been an experience, an accomplishment. I'm very proud of the body I worked the past 6 weeks to get. But I think the hard part is really in front of me. I can't be on this strict diet forever. I have to be ok with breaking a rule every now and then. As long as it doesn't become a habit.

Sorry I don't have a before picture.
I actually wasn't planning on sharing this story, I was really just doing this for me.
But I changed my mind.

It's been a few weeks since my Whole 30 experience ended. I gained back 2 pounds - from my vacation to Mexico & getting into the swing of things this past week. But tomorrow I go back to cooking the majority of my meals at home. I'm not going to do the Whole Forever, but I am going to take a lot of what I learned about myself and put it into practice. Saying "No" isn't too hard anymore.


It's In The Details: Monteil's Workout Tops Have Killer Straps.

I wanted to find some fun, pretty tops for my yoga retreat. These are elegant. I don't remember how I found Montiel. But I am so glad I did. I got the teardrop cami in back and the teardrop bra in coral. I only ordered 2 because I wasn't sure of the fit. I ordered both in small - great material great fit. I wish I had time to order more. There are other strap configurations that are just a beautiful.

Check them out here. 


Fitness Style: Read My Sports Bra!

I love it when clothes have a kick ass attitude. These sports bras have all the sass. I can't remember how I came across them - I think it was Instagram. I went straight to the Style Stalker site and purchased the "Killing It" sports bra. The "Champ" was sold out in my size, or I would have bought it too. 

Sometimes working out can be a struggle against all of the negatives thoughts in your head, so it's cool that a sports bra can remind you just how much you're KILLING IT.  

Thanks, for the sweet note Style Stalker and I WILL. I will totally KILL IT. 


Seven Salon Tutorial: How I Became Hair Twins with January Jones.

Didn't I make a new years resolution to have more fun with my hair this year? Yes, I did. Last year it was all about hair color, and that's definitely going to continue this year.. But how about everyday styling. Yeah, that's my problem. I pretty much have the straight look every single day.

This year it's going to be different. So, yes the messy curl is all the rage. I pinned January Jones picture months ago. I loved it; I wanted it. But I know that she probably had a team of people create that look for her. I can't have a team of people doing my hair every morning, so I resigned myself to never having this awesome effortless look.

Well, I was WRONG it does not take a team of people!
It only takes one patient hair stylist to show you how to do it.
Thanks to Lauren at Seven Salon for showing me how easy it really is.
This tutorial comes straight from Lauren and will make you hair twins with January Jones in no time.

  1. Curl with flat iron away from the face and speed through the ends making is less structured.
  2.  Toward the back of the hair, alternate direction, speed, and section sizes. 
  3. Top with a light-handed fingertip application of POLISH to the surface of the hair to remove flyaways and protect against humidity. 
  4. Twist POLISH into the ends of the hair to give curls hold and separation.

See, it's super easy.  

Thanks to Seven Salon for making my hair dreams come true. Especially to Lauren for answering all of my questions and walking me through the steps a few times. I walked out of there feeling like I could do it at home.


New Year. New You. The BEST You.

I can't remember what my resolutions were for 2014. I'm sure it had something to do with fitness. You know running towards that New Me that every year promises. But, this year my resolutions are a little different. This past month has been a roller coaster of self-discovery and realization. I realized that there were so many things I wanted to do in 2014 and just never got around to. I tried to remember my excuses, but I couldn't.

 So, what did I do, I bought a planner, two notebooks, opened up my icloud calendar and created an excel sheet. In the first notebook, I let myself free write. I wrote down everything I wanted to do this year and didn't find the time. Nothing was too small, and nothing was too big. It opened my eyes to what I was missing from the life I wanted. In the excel sheet, I created a timeline. I didn't do this last year.

I may need these to have in my purse at all times. 

I mapped out the next few months.I mean I really did. I scheduled it into my planner and in my icloud. It may seem a little over the top, but I know for sure what I want to do for the next three months, and I am determined to cross things off my wishlist.

I can't tell you the rush, the excitement that built inside of me as I started really working to making 2015 great.

It also made me realize another thing. I had to reflect back on my year to see what I did, what I accomplished, what I didn't accomplish, and I've never done this before too. Instead of being upset about not doing everything on my to-do lists, I was able to be happy with what I did do. There were some high hills and low valleys, but this year was spectacular in ways I wouldn't have realized without taking the time to look back.

So, instead of declaring this the year of the New Me.. I decided to call it the Best You year. I don't need a new Alix. I just want to improve on what I am already doing. I want to find out new things about myself and work to those experiences that have already been on my wish list for years.

I'm excited for 2015. 
Happy New Years. 


6 Ways to Wear Plaid So It Can Be Part Of Your Everyday.

The plaid train is all steam ahead. But I bet you already knew that. The shirt has been seen around waists, with skirts, jeans, slacks - but there are plenty of other ways to get your plaid game on. Here are a few of my favorite ways to have a little fun with plaid all season long.

The skirt. This will be a great way to keep it fun, dress it up with sweaters or keep it casual with denim.

Pants. This is currently on my wishlist. Keeping my legs warm with a fun pant print is something I always like to do. 

The coat. This will never go out of style and for a PNW girl, I can never have too many coats. 

The accessories.

Another staple. If you don't have one already, well then this has to be on your must have list. It will definitely be a throw on and go item that will always make an outfit. 

Cuff your jeans, put on a green dress, wear them to a holiday party or just to your grandma's house - everyone will be a fan of your shoes. 

I have a plaid jacket and its easily become my go to, but these ideas will be some looks I will be wearing all season long. 



Scarf It Up Sunday: Stay Warm & Look Cool

On Sundays I get ready for the week. I run errands, I go grocery shopping and I sometimes find myself at a coffee shop for hours. And it would be amazing if I didn't have to dress up and change out of my comfy yoga pants. So, this is where the Sunday Scarf look comes in. The oversized the better.

All different sizes, prints and levels of comfy. The truth is, its going to be hard not to wear one everyday. But its part of my perfect Sunday.

This scarf is on my wishlist.