Wearing All White Is So Hot Right Now!

You're probably not surprised to see a post about how cool white is, this is a story as old as time. But, I have to confess I've never worn an all-white outfit. I think I've always seen it as a bride outfit. You know how they wear all white to their wedding shower, rehearsal dinner and, of course, wedding. It looks so chic that I thought why should brides have all the fun. There's no need to wait until a special occasion to wear an all white, all awesome outfit. Rock it now.

Here're a few ways to make it part of your every day:

Victoria Platina

Girl on the go. 

The t-shirt dress that is chic for those days you have to run errands in heels. In truth, I won't rock this look. This boxy style does not work with my butt, but I still love it. So, for those Mondays you want to just roll out of bed, but don't want to look like it, wear a white t-shirt dress. 


Vacation vibes.

This is perfect for when you've spent all day at the beach and you can't wear a bikini to dinner. This white little fancy number shows off your tan in the the most flattering way.


Jump on it. 

An all white jumpsuit, sure you may be nervous to sit down, but if you're walking around a foreign city or even your own this is the way to do it. It's not casual, its a total grown up sophisticated spin off the overalls, so you can totally go out to dinner and be the chicest person in a 2 mile radius. 


Oh this is not all white. Let's break the rules. 
Are you a little nervous to do the all white, well take baby steps. Go for a bold piece in white. Wear it with your favorite pieces and see how you feel. I bet that will be the jump off piece to get you ready for an all white, all right outfit. 


Fun shoes, yes please.

Do you have a pair of shoes in your closet that just doesn't seem to work with any of your other outfits. I know I do. All white doesn't really clash with other colors - neon, pastels, primary - yes, yes and yes. So have a little fun, take out those funky shoes and rock an outfit you will adore.

main image source: vanessa jackman


Hair Tutorial: This Easy Breezy Wave Takes Just 10 Minutes.

I rarely do anything with my hair. I think its the whole short hair complex and the fact that I always end up never having enough time. On special occasions, like my birthday I make an appointment at Gene Juarez to take my hair out of the everyday and style it in a special way. This year, I walked out of GJ with more than a hairstyle, I walked out of their learning that this "special occasion" hair can become an everyday occurrence in just a few minutes. Don't believe me, check it out. 

Kérastase, R&Co and Oribe

Of course, product is important. Here's what Marcela used for my look. The best thing is that I already owned 3 ( Oribe Beach Wave & Shine Spray, R+Co Sea Salt Spray, R+Co Outer Space Spray)out of the 4.

I know we, ok I tend to rush through the wash and dry part of the process, but it's important to throughly dry your hair. It should be 100% dry. Whenever I think its completely dry I purposely go a few minutes longer. It totally does the trick.

We're going to get into the meat of the tutorial, but there's two things you should do first. 

1. Make sure you've used heat protectant before you start using your heat staying tools.
            2. That you're using a 1 1/2 curling iron. 

Marcela sectioned out my hair so she could curl one big piece at a time. 

If you look closely at the curl, you can see she curled the hair around the iron tightly, but the let the ends stay loose so my hair could have that messy look.

Don't be afraid to use the hairspray. As you can see Oribe was used generously on my hair. I have a lot of hair so I always want to use a little more.

Run your fingers through your hair to help the pieces blend. Add some sea salt to give it a little more texture and you're all done. 

The actual styling part - curling, hairspray, blend took all of 10 minutes. No joke. It took me longer to dry my hair. I don't mind adding 10 more minutes to my hair routine because I felt a million times happier with messy "special occasion" now everyday hair. 

Thanks to Downtown Seattle Gene Juarez and my hairstylist Marcela for making this look possible. 


Last Minute Outfit Ideas for 4th of July!

4th of July is this weekend, and you have nothing to wear. If you're like me, you always have good intentions of picking up a cute patriotic dress, but then time just gets away from you. Well, it's happened to me again this year. So, I will be looking in my closet for some easy outfits, so I can still show my red white and blue without having to go shopping. Here are some of my favorite everyday red, white and blue outfits that will inspire you to look into your closet for 4th of July outfit ideas.


Staples in my closet - the chambray shirt and chucks. You don't have to have a red and white stripe dress to complete the look. It can be all red or white and complete the look with red accessories. 

Denim shorts - an easy way to make sure your outfit has blue.


Prints that are not stripes are game too. Don't limit yourself. 

If the outfit is not coming together there's still a cute fall back, patriotic headbands pop up a lot during this time of year. Pick one up and enjoy the 4th of July.

Top image source: vanessajackman


It's All About The Hat This Summer.

It's officially summer which means the sun is here to stay. YAY! Now I feel like I can fully commit to a summer wardrobe. I've gone down a rabbit hole of summer dresses, which is a lot of fun. But I've noticed something, an accessory is missing. I just never feel complete. And then I realized I need to find a hat. It's a super hot accessory right now. In style and self-care. A hat doesn't only just elevate a look and can save you from getting wrinkles. Win-Win, right?

A hat can work with many different looks. I'll prove it.

You don't have to go out and look for a summer hat, your fall/winter hat could work. So, try that first.

I never bring a hat to the beach, and that's a big mistake. I rarely pick a chair with an umbrella because I don't want to block the sun rays. But I always wish I had a hat so I could protect my face. This year I will be taking a hat to a beach this year.

This is one of my favorite looks. It's that casual cool look that feels like you just woke up like this. And thanks to a great hat you can wake up and look like this. No hair style needed.  

Hats are fun with friends, especially at festivals and even when you wear all black. 

Matchy-matchy, totally not a must. But have fun with your hat. They come in so many designs and styles that you can even match your swimsuit.  

I have some weddings coming up, and they're all outside. I am leaning towards a maxi dress, but I might bring a hat. I wouldn't necessarily wear during the ceremony, I don't want to block the photographer, but for after the wedding when the sun is still out, its fair game.

It sounds like a hat can work for every occasion, right? I told you I would prove it. If you don't think hats works for you, still try it on. There are different styles, so you still could find the one.

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7 Reasons to Not Pack Away Your Black Clothes This Summmer

I love wearing black all year long. In fact, I am wearing a black dress as I write this, and it's about 80 degrees outside. I do try to wear a little more white and color in the summer, but my black dresses are still in the rotation. So here are a few ways to wear your favorite black pieces all summer long. 

Have you ever thought about wearing shorts to work? It seems like a fine line and totally dependent on the style of shorts. Black instantly takes the controversial "maybe you shouldn't wear that" look to office appropriate. If Christine Centenera can do it, I can too. Definite style envy.

Date night is going to be every night this summer. If you're heading out with your significant other, meeting up with the ladies or even doing a little happy hour fun with some co-workers, an all black outfit is the perfect look to rock. 


Does your event schedule seem to triple in the summer? I know mine does, but it's not hard to add a little fancy to your everyday look with a fun LBD. LBD's don't have a seasonality attached to them. That's why they work.

on the racks

Summer leather, black leather - it does make sense! I wake up on the go every single day. I'm never late, but I'm always about 5 minutes from being late, so finding something to wear can be headache. But a leather skirt can be effortless in style and time. A lady on the go always needs easy, stylish pieces. 

Sincerely Jules

The most important summertime ritual - farmers market shopping.  Pike Place Market is here all year round, but Fremont, Ballard, Terry, Queen Anne and many other markets are opening up all over the city. It's the perfect thing to do with family, friends or alone. However you want to enjoy the market is up to you, but your favorite black dress that flows easily in the wind would be the perfect thing to wear.

Could I Have That?

I'm more of a neon person when it comes to beach time, but a black bathing suit is no stranger to the beach. Take the whole look up a notch and go all black - sandals, coverup, and sunglasses. Chic on the beach - accomplished.

Fire On The Head

I don't know about you but an early morning Sunday coffee run is almost always a must. It's still super cool in the mornings, so cozy black jeans, a black sweatshirt, and black sunglasses makes your "I just got out of bed, I need coffee now" run into an " I woke up like this" moment.

I hope this seven ways to wear black all summer long keeps you from packing your favorite pieces away. They were good to you in the cold months they won't let you down in the warm ones. 


When You Have Nothing To Wear & The Closet Universe Answers.

What happens when you have nothing to wear? If you're like me you create an outfit you didn't think was possible. Yesterday, I was heading to an event that Sydney and I had been planning for weeks. The one thing I hadn't put into the plan, what to wear. I usually don't plan outfits ahead of time. I always change my mind the morning of, so I wasn't too worried. But then it was an hour before show time, and I was staring into my closet.

I should note that my closet is pretty scarce these days. I did a major clothing cleanse, and I haven't replenished it. Don't worry I'm working on it.

So, there I was standing in my closet thinking I need new clothes, and then I saw it. Somehow my denim top had made its way next to my bright pink dress. The funny thing is; I almost gave these away last week. The dress has been hanging in my closet for two years, and I've worn it twice, maybe. I know the denim shirt is a staple, but I wear jeans so often and the shade of this shirt just never works. So, I rarely wear it. Also, the shoes. They've been sitting on my shoe shelf for a few years too and I've never worn them.

It's just funny how these major pieces that I almost gave away came together. I am so glad I didn't get rid of them.

It's also made me realize that I need to try a little harder. I know I have been falling back on the usual outfits. It's time to shake up my closet and look at it with new eyes.

Alright, closet universe - what's next?


Summer Fancy: One Easy Way To Dress Up Your Holey Jeans.

In the summer, it's always a little harder for me to wear heels. But, I do feel a little out of sorts in flats. It's just that I tend to walk a little more because of the sunny weather. So, I don't give up I just give in to the flat game. So, in order to get myself back into the heel side of life, I put together a little inspiration.

I'm currently feeling jeans with holes. I don't discriminate - big holes, small holes, I love it all. I do typically go the casual look route with them; it's easy. But I love how they easily they can be dressed up, and it only takes one easy element of style. HEELS!

All of sudden your look goes from Saturday casual to date night. It's really that easy. I know I'm going to be working this combo all summer.

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Fitness Event: Are Your Wearing The Right Sports Bra? Take the Fit Test At Title 9 to Find Out.

Are you wearing the right sports bra? I thought I could answer yes to this question. But after taking a fit test at Title 9 I realized I was totally wearing the wrong sports bra for running.

A few years ago, I was running up to 20 miles a week. I had to stop because I hurt my knee -the result of wearing the wrong shoes. That's another story for another post. Anyways, I had a plethora of sports bras that I rotated during that time. They were neon, printed and comfortable. Those were the only requirements for me - stylish and comfy.

Now, I know that comfortable requirement was not really what I thought it was. Luckily Title 9 was hosting a fit fest at their Greenlake location.

What's a fit fest? The store is set up so after you choose a sports bra they have a few fun ways to test it out. Don't worry you won't be doing a lot of running or any obstacle courses. I elected to work the hula hoop to see if the sports bra I chose kept my ladies supported. It did.

There are a lot of bras to choose from, but after being measured and explaining what kind of exercise I participate in we were able to pick out a few to fit my workout style.  I chose the Tech Athena Bra. 

Testing out my new sports bra by hula hooping. 

The fit. I thought it was too tight. But then a light bulb went off. I've been wearing the wrong sports bra. My boobs were not supposed to move around and the pain I sometimes felt after a long run was not normal.

I'm so happy I went to Fit Fest. I feel ready for the summer, and I didn't have to sacrifice style. The one I chose is neon - YES!

The Fit Fest is going on Today 5/20 & Tomorrow 5/21 at their GreenLake Location.