What Do You Really Think of Birkenstocks?

posted on: 4/16/14

 The newest old sandal to become hot hot hot. Yes, its true Birkenstock is having a revival. The chicest of the chic are claiming them to be their favorite new sandal for the summer. It's come a little bit of shock to me. I remember when it was popular the last time, but it never reached these fashion heights.
So, tell me. What do you think of the Birkenstock? Fashion do or hmm not my style?
In truth, it makes me flat foot look even flatter. So, its not my first choice.
But then...

I saw these blinged out Birkenstock like sandals from Zara. Why do shiny things call to me? Now I want to try these on. Maybe my flat foot won't look so flat in these dressed up birks. ;)

photo source: fashionmenow

From Pinterest Hair Inspo to A Real Haircut? My New Look.

posted on: 4/14/14

I always get super excited before a haircut. I'm usually in desperate need of one, so I literally countdown the days. I don't have much to work with, the bangs aren't going anywhere and my hair is kind of short... so, what's a girl to do? Turn to pinterest and see what others have done. It's close to summer, so instead of the sleek look I wanted in the winter, I'm drawn to the choppy playful look. This is what happened when I took these images to my hairstylist. 

I didn't want to lose length and more than anything I wanted my hair to have movement. When you have thick hair it can get heavy. I love the layers. I should have done a video to show you how much it moves. I will have to do that soon. My hair is not naturally wavy, so she used a flat iron to give it some curl. I love it.
I haven't tried to do the waves since the cut, but even without the waves my hair moves with ease. Well, at least my hair is ready for summer. :)

Do you take photos from pinterest to your hairstylist? 

Stripes Here, Stripes There, Stripes Wear Them Anywhere!

posted on: 4/10/14

Stripes never seem to go out of style. You maybe able to have some layering it up fun in the fall in winter, but its definitely the warmer months that makes this staple shine. 

Your favorite striped long sleeved shirt doesn't have to packed away. In fact, dress it up and let it see some sunny days.

I know I've called it a staple, but even staples can help you work an out of the box look. 

But I have to confess, I don't have a striped dress. There's something so fresh, about a black and white striped summer dress.. and one will be mine.

I love how the pictures of the striped trend above show how it can pull off a beach party,  a black tie party, a fashion event or just an everyday look.

Dear Creatures, The Fashion Line that Calls for Sunny Days and Lemonade.

posted on: 4/4/14

This totally takes me back to high school. No, I wasn't alive in the era this line is inspired by, but I dressed like I was. When I was finally able to break free from my elementary uniform and wear real clothes, I found a trunk full of my mom's high school clothes. I also happened to be obsessed with oldies music, so I felt like the clothes completed me. When I saw the Dear Creatures look book it took me back to my sophomore year. Instead of being squeamish over my awkward years, it made me nostalgic. It also made me long for summer days and lemonade. 

I pretty much wore my mom's vintage clothes until they fell apart. The girl who loves oldies music and polka dots is still alive in me and totally feels like she needs to find her record player and buy a few of these great pieces from Dear Creatures to truly rock out this summer.

Who Says Fashion Girls Don't Like Baseball? A Few Fun Ways to Wear A Baseball Cap.

posted on: 4/3/14

I confess, I haven't been to that many baseball games. In fact, when I do go, I rarely watch the game. It's all about hanging out with my friends for me. But, that doesn't mean I don't like to wear a baseball cap. I love wearing a baseball cap and the best thing about spring fashion is that you can wear one even if a game isn't on. Here are a few fun ways to style up your baseball cap, when you're not at a game.

 Oh you fancy, huh? Yes, even a baseball cap can get a little dressed up. 
But we do know that the baseball caps best friend is a great pair of jeans. So, complete the look with your favorite bright spring heels.


I personally love this look for ESW. I die for anything leopard print. So, adding the baseball cap to complete this out of left field look just seems right.

So great that baseball caps can have fun on and off the field. Who's ready to play ball?

Drop It Like It's ... The Drop Waist Style Dress.

posted on: 4/2/14

The sun is out and your dreams of  showing a little bit of leg is here. So, it's time to stock up on some fun bright, printed, made for the sun dresses. Now you're in shopping dream land, thinking about all of the fun spring dresses you can fill your sunny days with, right? I know I am. Have you thought about drop waisted dresses? Don't count them out. Take a look at how you can wear them all spring long.

Atlantic Pacific
Print happy. How can you not be happy in a print drop waisted dress? Make them casual with a pair of kick around pointy boots. This one is perfect for cooler days. Did you notice the long sleeve and low turtle neck - yup its all about the legs in this dress!


White is always a favorite on sunny days, even though I'm always scared of getting it dirty. But in the end it's always worth the risk. The drop waist just add a fun fit it to the overall look. Of course, a little leather jacket gives it the rebel twist that I love.


Want to make it interesting? The oversized dress has that sunny day effortless flow, but it doesn't work on all body types (mine!) but the drop waist structure gives the look shape. I'm looking for a dress like this!


I love color. It does make it a little hard to tell how low that waist goes, but that's not really what this dress is about. Yes, it offers a little shape, but the color and the detail are the stars of this little number.

These have made it on my wishlist.

In short, the drop waist dress can be elegant and fun. It offers an array of styles to fill your sunny days with options. Who loves options? I do!

You'll Definitely Need These to Work the Backless Trend.

posted on: 3/20/14

Baby got back, but not that booty back.. its all about showing off those shoulder blades, girl. 
This isn't a revolutionary new trend. There's been backless fashion for awhile, but its hot hot right now. 
Last summer season it was all about cut outs, but this summer forget the cut out - show it all off. 
So, you're going to need this. 

The past few tops and dresses I've been falling in love with have no backs. I'm not a fan of backless bras or strapless ones, so I found these. They're amazing. I now have no qualms about purchasing a backless top or dress. 

1. They're easy to put on. 
2. One size fits all cuts. What do I mean about this?
Well, tops and dresses can have a funny cut, so you have to have different shapes of strapless bras for different tops. The little silicon pads can work with any top or dress, even if its a the crazies cut imaginable. 
3. Flesh toned. Who has a white, black and nude strapless bra in their underwear draw. 
You have to, right? 
4. Reusable. I've used mine up to at least 12 times before I decided I needed a new pair. 
They're like fake eyelashes. If you take care of them you can use them over and over. 

1. They don't offer any support. 
2. You may never go back to bras. They're so comfortable and easy to put on, that it's hard to go back to bras. 

So, bring on the backless. I'm ready. 

photo source alltheprettybirds

Update: Polishing Your Nails Is Not Like Riding A Bike.

posted on: 3/19/14

It's been a month since I decided to go au natural with my nails. 
Do you remember this blog post? Why I Decided to Say Goodbye to My Acrylic Nails. I go into full dramatic detail on why I had acrylics in the first place and then I explain how after years in the acrylic life I walked away.
Well, you're probably wondering how things have been going.
Well, first things first... my nails were/are very sick. I didn't realize how brittle acrylics made them. My first clue is when they started to break like I had been digging holes with my hands for 8 hours for 30 days straight. I didn't have to be doing anything strenuous. They would just crack and fall apart. I even used shellac, but nothing was holding them together.

I would like to thank Julep for sending me a care package full of amazing things to make my nails stronger and prettier. This is a whole new space for me, so I didn't know where to start. So, thanks Julep for setting me on the right path.
The biggest surprise. So, you know the saying, "It's like riding a bike." Well, some things aren't like riding a bike. I used to paint my own nails when I was a teenager. I wasn't exceptional at it, but I got the job done in a decent way. So, I thought it would all come back to me with no problem.

This is the better hand. The right hand has always been harder to polish.  Bess and Madison from Julep.

This seriously looks like I did this with 2 left hands. I'm trying guys. This is a serious challenge, but I know my nails will be better for it in the long run. So, if you run into me - don't look at my hands to closely. I'm a work in progress.

I used these two tonight. A nice hand scrub for the hands and a top coat to help my nails get stronger.

Any tips are completely appreciated.