My New Favorite Earring - Yes, Earring.

Why haven't I started wearing this sooner? It totally takes me back to my high school "ain't I edgy" days where I would wear one long earring and one short earring on purpose. I wasn't a trendsetter, but I was pushing boundaries at my Catholic School. 

Anyways I grew up and kind of fell into "we wear the same two earrings" crowd. I would still rock it every once in awhile, but not as much as I used to.  This past weekend I was unpacking some jewelry from my move -I moved in July, yes I'm still unpacking- and I found this gorgeous ear cuff that Tiffany from T&J Designs gave me many months back. 

I put it on and fell back in love. The first time I wore it was for a night out. I wish I would have counted how many people wanted to touch my ear or asked me about it. I started to feel like this sparkly fun piece can't be only taken out at night. 

       Photos by Elizabeth Kathryn Photography

I do like to rock statement pieces on the regular, more than your average girl, but the point is that brilliant eye catching one earring cuff pieces are awesome enough to wear day or night. 

The Holidays are coming up, so dressing up will be more of a daily thing than normal, and this easy, eye-catching earring trend will be a perfect way to bring a little fun to your look. 


How To Work Plaid & Leopard Print Into Your Everyday Look.

Photo by: Elizabeth Kathryn Photograpy

If I could only wear two prints for the rest of my life leopard print and plaid would be my life choices. I would have no regrets because two rights always make a right. If you're not sure how you could work these two statement pieces into your everyday look, then I am here to help.

The easiest way for me was going the coat route. I love coats and have a few of them.. or more. But I always end up rocking my plaid one. In the winter months, I tend to wear a lot of black, so plaid brings that added punch that I love. Adding my leopard print to the mix brought the fun, that I try to find in all of my outfits.


The classic plaid shirt and a leopard print clutch combo, a classic look but a definite statement. It's great when a favorite shirt and accessory come together to create a standout outfit.


What you don't have plaid pants?? Me either and I don't have a good reason. I am obsessed with this look, I already have the clutch, and the pants are definitely out of the box - which means definitely up my alley.


If you're like, AlixRose you're going to far out of the box for me then let's step back and go the accessories route. It's a simple way to ease your way into a look. So, if you're looking for a way to have a little fun with fashion during the cold months go for the combo that is just cool enough to dress up, dress down and rock every day.


Messy Hair Does Care: It's So Hot Right Now!

So it's unbelievably windy outside, to the point where I feel like I may just blow away at any moment. But there's a bright side. You know those lazy Saturday mornings where you give yourself a break from the hair dryer, well these windy days give you another reason to embrace that Saturday " I don't give a ----" attitude.

This morning I only used my hair dryer for 10 minutes and then I smashed it. Kidding, it is a little hard for me not to dry my whole head of hair, I like the sleek look, but when I walked out of my door, and that wind hit my head I had no regrets.

Also, the messy wavy hair, the hair bun, braids and the beanie are the cold months favorite looks. So go for it and embrace your Saturday hair every day of the week.

Check out my pinterest board for more hair inspo and how to's: http://bit.ly/1Ofnn0R


Dress Up That Hoodie For Everyday.

Dang, it's chilly! And that means we have to get a little creative about keeping warm. I have a few hoodies that I like to live in during the "oh so cold" months. But I don't want to feel sloppy, so here a few ideas to "dress up" your favorite hoodie.

Sincerely Jules 

Leopard print booties and a hoodie - a combo that just works. 
Layer it up with a cool jacket and even an overcoat. 

The lace skirt is my favorite. Of course I would recommend a skirt with lining, but have a little fun with it.

Accessorize it. The heels, the vest and a sleek handbag.

Stockholm Street Style
This may not be "dressed up" but a leather jacket hoodie combo is always a good idea. 

The thing is your favorite hoodie doesn't have to be something you just cuddle into at home. Tis' the season to bring out in your everyday look. 


(Now Available) The Game Changer: Le Tint Particulier By Lancome

I don't leave my house without makeup.  I apply makeup before I go anywhere, and I mean anywhere. In fact, I'm sitting in a coffee shop right now ( it's 7pm and the only people here are students in sweats) wearing lipstick.

As I said, I don't leave the house without it, even if it's just to get the mail. I've always been like this. But I've also always struggled with finding the right shade for my skin. As a Mexican American girl, with some Irish - I have freckles, it's been hard to find a shade that I felt complimented me. I also suffered from cystic acne about 10yrs back, so that added some discoloring to my face. I had come up with some concoction that consisted of concealer, foundation, and bronzer. It wasn't perfect, but I thought it did the job. That was until I tried Lancome's "Le Tint Particulier" - and as my title says, it was a game changer.

My name and my formula specific # is on the bottle. 

It's a great example of how technology meets makeup. They used a tool to take photos of my skin in 3 different places and put it through a program that came up with the formula for my personal tint.

* To note most makeup has up to 40 different shades to pick from, this machine has 20,000. 

This photo has no filter, which I never do especially for this side. 

I'm always skeptical about the hype, but when Allen showed me what my face looked like after it was applied, I was a believer. It's the best my skin has ever looked. I was wearing less makeup, and my face looked flawless. If I hadn't seen it for myself, I wouldn't have believed it.

The real test was seeing if I would be able to recreate this whole look once I got home. It was no problem, just a little bit of foundation, a sweep of blush and bronzer and I was ready to leave the house.

Right now this service is only being offered at Nordstrom in Downtown Seattle & Del Amo. 


Rainy Day Fun With The Timbuk2 Satchel Backpack Demi.

When it rains, I always seem to find myself at Elliot Bay Bookstore. I love to lose a few hours in between bookshelves. I make it a point to leave my computer at home, which means I don't need a handbag that is big enough to fit a kitchen sink. Timbuk2 just launched their Femme collection, which includes this stylish "Demi" satchel backpack combo.
What does "Demi" mean? It means half. It's the mini-me of the regular size satchel/backpack in the collection. And it's perfect for fun everyday escapes like this.

There's actually a latch to make the handles stay together, I just forgot to close it. Oops.

The Satchel Backpack Demi has amazing details, like the plush phone pocket, lined with faux fur. I like to know my phone is being taken care of, especially since if anything happens to it, I will be in serious trouble.

I'm such a fan of this line. I wear a backpack almost every day. It frees up my hands for my phone and my Mexican Coke. But I've always felt like my options have either been too masculine or made for a college kid. I am neither. 

The Femme collection is for the on the go stylish woman. So, it doesn't look weird if I decide to wear a dress. Awesome. 

I also adore the satchel option too, you can pin back the backpack straps if you want.

Seattle, I'll be co-hosting the Timbuk2 Femme launch event with Hey Pretty Thing and Fresh Jess.
Come by and check out the collection!
I'd love to see you.

When: November 12
Time: 6pm-8pm
Downtown Seattle Timbuk2
Please RSVP here!


The Unbelievable Challenge That Gave Me Two Hours Back In My Day.

Why did I call this the UNBELIEVABLE challenge? Because The only thing I love more than Mexican Coke is television. You think I'm kidding? Nope, I watch it every day, I watch it with other people, I watch it alone. I watch it on my huge tele, on my phone, and my computer.

But that doesn't mean I have a problem... Does it?

The turning point came when I decided to watch West Wing. If you haven't watched it, you should. It's fantastic! But it's also seven seasons. I'm not the kind of person that can watch two episodes tonight and two tomorrow. I have to watch them all, all of them. That's how I finished Sense8 in practically one day.

I was in deep with West Wing, I didn't watch anything else, I almost missed yoga because it was a pivotal point in the episode. Spoiler alert: Every single episode is full of pivotal moments. I embarrassingly admitted to my friend that I almost missed taking yoga with her because of West Wing---- the look she gave me and what she said next " Alix, am I going to have to do an intervention?" kind of threw me for a loop and made me realize how ridiculous I was being.

So, I made a decision I was going to give myself a cut-off time. Did you think I was going to turn off the television for good? Nope that would be torture, and I would in no way survive that. I would break that immediately.

I decided on 10 pm.  It was hard at first. All of a sudden 9:45 pm would come around and I would be in the middle of a movie, or an episode. So, I would try to convince myself that I was an adult and if I wanted to watch until 10:05 then I could. But I stuck to my challenge.

Then something weird happened. I got two hours back in my day.

I would normally turn off the television around midnight and do a few things around the house and be in bed by 1 am. But now I would start that routine around 10 pm and by 11 pm my house and my to-do list for the next day was ready. I was setting up myself for success. So not only did I go to bed earlier, but I also felt ready to take on the next day.

But what I didn't expect to happen - I started turning the television of earlier. WHAT??? WHY??

I started asking myself - Do I really want to watch this? And a lot of times it was NO. So, the television would go off.

Did I feel like I was missing out on my favorite shows? Nope, I still got to watch all of my must sees, now I didn't watch the filler shows and movies. It's been about three weeks. I think this fun little challenge is going to turn into a habit and I'm super happy about that.

I think I should clarify - this only applies to the weekdays. 


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