4 Ways to Wear Your Classic White Shirt This Summer!

The classic button down shirt, the boyfriend shirt, the white shirt is a staple. And currently, my favorite thing to wear. It has the sophistication that easily elevates anything you wear with it, in this case jeans. 

Short sleeves. I don't know why we automatically think long sleeves when it comes to the button down. But this will be your best friend on warm/hot days. Especially since sometimes you need a go to top for those important moments where a tank top just wont do.

Knotted. As a petite lady a lot of my favorite shirts, including the classic white button down can be a little long. I love this fun take and will even use this for some of my non-white shirts.

athens street style

Tuck it in! I don't really own high waisted jeans, but this look makes me want to. It's so simple, white shirt, jeans and black heels. You could go anywhere in this perfect look.


Let Loose. Is it a T-shirt dress, is it your boyfriends to big for you shirt or are you just super petite? It doesn't really matter, roll up the sleeves, and distressed jeans and nude heels and you're ready to go.

The moral of the style story is that even though its a classic white shirt that everyone may own, it can fit in with your style and pretty much guarantees a fresh look everyday of the week.



Summer hair do care.
Do you feel the need to do something with your hair every time a new season is on the horizon? Me too.
I look through Pinterest; I screen grab instagrams and sometimes I even stop people on the street to ask them where they get their hair done. Well, I used to do all of this. In the last few months, I've had my hair cut, styled and colored - and instead of doing all of the above, I turn to my hairstylist and colorist for their recommendations. You see, you can have a folder full of hair inspo, but more often than not the person sporting the cut or color doesn't have hair like yours.
It can be frustrating, but when you go to a hairstylist or a colorist that knows their stuff, they can tell you what cut best fits your face shape or what color will work best with your skin tone, and so much more.

The last six months, everything about my hair has changed. Thanks to Lisa (hairstylist) and Carmen (colorist) at Sassoon Seattle.
My hair has never been this color, my bangs are gone, and my hair hasn't been this long in years. And I love it.

Sassoon and I want you to love your hair too.
So, I'm so happy to announce an AMAZING giveaway.
Head over to my Instagram for your chance to win a $300 makeover voucher to Sassoon. CLICK HERE
Giveaway runs through 6/12.

Check out these other posts to see my Sassoon Style: Curly  - Less Curl - Straight

This is a sponsored post, but I am a huge Sassoon fan and currently get my hair done there.


So Sporty, But You Don't Have to Play Sports to Wear This.

I confess I'm not the biggest sports fanatic. I play sports, I watch them, I know the names of the popular players, and I have my opinions. But my favorite part of being a sports fan is the merchandise.  I have jerseys, t-shirts, leggings, but my favorite item is the hat.

Why? Because I can wear it with my favorite clothes and I don't have to be going or watching a game. Here are 5 of my favorite ways to wear a baseball cap.


 1. With My favorite sunny combo, dress and sneakers. So laid back casual that you can go from brunch to a bbq. 

Happily Grey
2. The perfect accessory for your all denim look.  

Hustle and Hylcon
 3. All white, it's a risky look for a sports game, but your hat sure does pop with your white jeans.

Pink Peonies

4. Prints? Yes! You may notice that this isn't exactly a "Sports Team" hat but its still a baseball cap. And it goes with stripes, flower print and polka dots. Go ahead and try it.

On Tumblr

5. At the beach. If you're not a floppy hat girl, this is a great option.

Baseball caps are so versatile and compliment all types of outfits. You just have to find a color and team that works for you. 


This Trend Will Help You Enjoy The Sun All Summer Long

The Seattle Weather is on point, and I want to take full advantage of it. But you know the hustle doesn't rest so I have to be ready for any opportunity to enjoy the sun. I know a lot of you feel me, we're all in a middle of balancing acts that sometimes we can't get away when the sun comes out. So what can we do or wear to be ready at any moment to enjoy the sun, well.....

As many of you know, I rarely wear flats. But sneakers have become a big part of my life. I am running again, and my love affair with athleisure is at a frenzied level, no shame. And this love affair has worked out in my favor. Instead of wearing my high wedges or chunky heels I've been wearing my sneakers.

So instead of calling an Uber to go from meeting to meeting, I've been walking. I wouldn't be able to do that in my heels. I kind of found this out by accident. I had met up with a friend for a co-work at a coffee shop next to my favorite lake. It was a gorgeous day, and I decided to wear sneakers with my dress so I could go for a walk around the lake after my meeting. Well, of course, it was a crazy day, so I didn't have time to walk the lake AND then walk home, but I did have just enough time to walk home.

This changed everything.
I wear this combination on most sunny days. It allows me to be dressy for any meetings I may have, but it also allows me the opportunity to walk home. There's going to be more sunny work days, but this outfit combo will help me to at least enjoy 15 minutes in the sun.

Here's a few other examples.


All About The Shoulders!

It's true that our legs and arms get to have all the fun, but NOW it's your shoulders time to shine. What I love about this style is that it's just not for casual Fridays or Coachella. And although it is considered a trend, it's one that will pop up again and again.

Here a few of my favorite ways to rock this fun all shoulders style.

The Casual Cool I'm Not On My Way To School Look

You know for those spring days where you meet your friends for brunch and then go for a mani/pedi.

Spring Dress

This time of year a lot more off the shoulder dresses are coming out. I know we tend to gravitate to the strapless, but this style is just as fun, just as sexy and carefree. Indulge.

Date Night

Not only can you dress it up, but you can play with the style. An oversized off the shoulder top is not something you see everyday, but that's what makes it fun. 

Shop It: 

Free People


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Challenge Accepted: Styling A Silk Camisole For Everyday

I love a little style challenge. So when BelleFluer Lingerie asked me to take a camisole and style it as an everyday look, I was in.

When it comes to fashion, our bras, underwear, slips rarely see the light of day.  But once in awhile a lovely little piece comes along that you just can't hide. So, how do you wear it without making it seem like you're breaking some unwritten fashion rule?

First of all, it is going to be much easier if it's a slip dress or a silk top - bras and underwear are a little hard to style without it being the primary focus. So this gorgeous camisole by Araks Lingerie was the perfect piece to style.

Color: It does matter. I know we tend to go for the black, white, nude colors, but when it comes to styling a lingerie top for every day its best to go for color. It's funny, but those colors that we love so much make undergarments seem even more like underwear.

Style: We know that lingerie tops come in all different styles - sheer, lace, backless - so if you're looking for a top that can be versatile and go from date night to the office you have to keep this in mind. My top was more of a tank top and the perfect style to go under blazers, jean jackets or under a deep V romper.

So, when I was asked to style this top I had a eureka moment. I've wanted to wear these jeans with this blazer forever. This was the missing piece; the color and texture makes the look come together in a polished way, that I would be comfortable wearing to dinner or a meeting.

I know you're thinking, you could have just worn a black tank under the blazer, and this outfit would have worked. It totally would have, but fashion is fun, and you should always try something new - so changing the texture or the color of a staple makes an everyday jeans and blazer look into something special.

Thanks to BelleFluer Lingerie for challenging me to style this beautiful camisole. They do come in a lot of different colors, so be sure to check out the Boutique in Fremont or follow them on instagram.

I also wore the camisole under my favorite romper, check it out here.

Special thanks to Lisa from Sassoon Salon Seattle, who made my curly hair possible.
I love it.

All photos by the fabulous KNDM Co.



What is it about sunny days that make me want to change everything? 
I want to rearrange my furniture, paint the walls, overhaul my closet and do something with my hair. I know I'm not the only one who feels like this, this time of year my Pinterest feed starts to be overloaded with new hairstyles. So I know you feel the need too. 

The last few weeks I've been scrolling and falling in love with the Pantone colors of the year - Rose Quartz & Serenity. I love the way people have brought it into their homes and closets with such ease.  The colors make a statement without taking over everything.

But a Pantone color as a hair color??? Yeah, I never thought of that either. But it's possible and not as scary as you would think. Rose Quartz and Serenity are cool hair color hues that are inspired by precious stones and metal used in jewelry design including rose gold, amber, opal and moonstone. As you can see, that the colors are subtle enough that you don't feel like everyone will see your hair before they see you.

Hair Images c/o Sassoon Salon

I'm protective of my hair, but the idea of making a change hair color wise is strong. It's not my style to just color my hair in a drastic way. That's why I think the Sassoon way stands out. Sassoon Salon uses incredibly fine ‘highlighting’- or ‘slicing’- technique, which moves from a more solid color to a subtle feel towards the back of the head, making the color believable.

I want my hair color to be believable. My style when it comes to hair is more the subtle side and if you're like me then Pantone could be the way to go.

Are you thinking about changing your hair color?


How To Make Rompers Part Of Your Sunny Day Style

It's going to be 70 degrees in Seattle! I can hardly believe it, but boy am I ready. Last summer I got on the romper bandwagon a little too late, but that won't happen this year.  I'm kicking off the year of the romper with this super cute one I got at a wedding. How did I get this at a wedding? I was a bridesmaid and instead of a robe to wear as we got ready, the bride - my sister in law got us all matching rompers. Genius!

Rompers can be considered trendy. But it's easy to make sure that your favorite piece of clothing will be a staple for sunny days to come.


  • Color - Neon will always be in style. It's been alive and kicking since the 80's and every year it comes back again. This makes me way too happy.
  • Print - If you decide to do a print, it's no secret that floral is a safe and fun bet. They always seem to come back every season - any season. 
  • Cut - This is more of a spring romper, we know that because of the long sleeves. I think the long sleeves give this style more versatility, especially for Seattle. It may be a hot week, but most of the time we can only afford to show only so much skin

Where can you wear a romper? I wore this to get coffee, to lunch, and for a walk down by the pier. So it's all about the shoes. I decided on my favorite Zara wedges, but I've also worn it with flat sandals.

So you do you, and if you decide to make rompers part of your sunny day style, then twinsies. 

Want: Floral Print, Sorbet Romper

All photos by KNDM CO