When You Have Nothing To Wear & The Closet Universe Answers.

What happens when you have nothing to wear? If you're like me you create an outfit you didn't think was possible. Yesterday, I was heading to an event that Sydney and I had been planning for weeks. The one thing I hadn't put into the plan, what to wear. I usually don't plan outfits ahead of time. I always change my mind the morning of, so I wasn't too worried. But then it was an hour before show time, and I was staring into my closet.

I should note that my closet is pretty scarce these days. I did a major clothing cleanse, and I haven't replenished it. Don't worry I'm working on it.

So, there I was standing in my closet thinking I need new clothes, and then I saw it. Somehow my denim top had made its way next to my bright pink dress. The funny thing is; I almost gave these away last week. The dress has been hanging in my closet for two years, and I've worn it twice, maybe. I know the denim shirt is a staple, but I wear jeans so often and the shade of this shirt just never works. So, I rarely wear it. Also, the shoes. They've been sitting on my shoe shelf for a few years too and I've never worn them.

It's just funny how these major pieces that I almost gave away came together. I am so glad I didn't get rid of them.

It's also made me realize that I need to try a little harder. I know I have been falling back on the usual outfits. It's time to shake up my closet and look at it with new eyes.

Alright, closet universe - what's next?


Summer Fancy: One Easy Way To Dress Up Your Holey Jeans.

In the summer, it's always a little harder for me to wear heels. But, I do feel a little out of sorts in flats. It's just that I tend to walk a little more because of the sunny weather. So, I don't give up I just give in to the flat game. So, in order to get myself back into the heel side of life, I put together a little inspiration.

I'm currently feeling jeans with holes. I don't discriminate - big holes, small holes, I love it all. I do typically go the casual look route with them; it's easy. But I love how they easily they can be dressed up, and it only takes one easy element of style. HEELS!

All of sudden your look goes from Saturday casual to date night. It's really that easy. I know I'm going to be working this combo all summer.

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Fitness Event: Are Your Wearing The Right Sports Bra? Take the Fit Test At Title 9 to Find Out.

Are you wearing the right sports bra? I thought I could answer yes to this question. But after taking a fit test at Title 9 I realized I was totally wearing the wrong sports bra for running.

A few years ago, I was running up to 20 miles a week. I had to stop because I hurt my knee -the result of wearing the wrong shoes. That's another story for another post. Anyways, I had a plethora of sports bras that I rotated during that time. They were neon, printed and comfortable. Those were the only requirements for me - stylish and comfy.

Now, I know that comfortable requirement was not really what I thought it was. Luckily Title 9 was hosting a fit fest at their Greenlake location.

What's a fit fest? The store is set up so after you choose a sports bra they have a few fun ways to test it out. Don't worry you won't be doing a lot of running or any obstacle courses. I elected to work the hula hoop to see if the sports bra I chose kept my ladies supported. It did.

There are a lot of bras to choose from, but after being measured and explaining what kind of exercise I participate in we were able to pick out a few to fit my workout style.  I chose the Tech Athena Bra. 

Testing out my new sports bra by hula hooping. 

The fit. I thought it was too tight. But then a light bulb went off. I've been wearing the wrong sports bra. My boobs were not supposed to move around and the pain I sometimes felt after a long run was not normal.

I'm so happy I went to Fit Fest. I feel ready for the summer, and I didn't have to sacrifice style. The one I chose is neon - YES!

The Fit Fest is going on Today 5/20 & Tomorrow 5/21 at their GreenLake Location. 


4 Ways to Be A Beautiful Biker Babe This Summer.

It's that time of year again where I have dreams of wearing a flowing dress, mirrored sunglasses and my favorite nikes as I ride a neon bike down the Elliot Bay Trail. 
Then reality hits, I don't own a bike. But that doesn't mean I won't have a chance to bike ride this summer. And in order to be ready for any spontaneous bike riding opportunities that come my way I put together some outfit ideas. 
So, here's some biker babe outfit ideas to keep you riding in style all summer long. 


Riding a bike is not all about fun and games. It can also be work. As in you can wear your work clothes on your bike. Seattle has a lot of hills, so you may work up a little sweat, but its an option. Who would have thought that pinstripes looked good on a bike? It does.

Stockholm Street Style

One of my favorite trends this summer is the overall and heels look. This little leather number spins the whole trend on its head and so does wearing heels to ride a bike. This outfit may be more just for looks. But if you're meeting some friends for HH or going to an early dinner not too far away this would be a fun way to mix up your look and your ride. Summer is the time to try new things, right?

Atlantic Pacific

I am all for color coordination. And if you want to match your outfit to your bike, just do it. It's bound to happen. Don't shy away from it, embrace it. I think this is a great sign that you're becoming one with your bike. It's also just fun. If you go the dress route, this is perfect for brunch, or a picnic in the park.

The casual cool Saturday morning ride. Spring/Summer mornings are still on the chilly side. So, your favorite fall pieces can come in handy. So take your beanie, jean jacket and pair it with your new maxi skirt. This way you can be ready to spend the day pushing your bike through farmers markets, along the pier or onto a ferry. The only thing missing is a backpack. The backpack is a perfect way to store your layers away as the day gets warmer.

I seem to see more bike riders on the weekend. The hardcore racers and the casual weekend riders. That's the beautiful thing about riding a bike; you can find one that fits you. It also supports any style you chose to channel that day. If you want to ride to work, wear pink head to toe, skip a taxi and ride your bike in heels to Happy Hour you can.

Riding a bike this summer is on my to do list. And I hope that its now on yours too.


Fitness Style Review: YOGASMOGA - Stylish & Comfortable.

I spend about 12 hours a week in yoga clothes, class time added to the time I walk around in my clothes before and after class adds up.  It really really adds up. It's no wonder I am kind of picky about the clothes I wear. That's why I was super excited to try out these beautiful blue pieces from Yogasmoga. 

I'm a girl who loves style, so the first thing that I noticed was the vibrant color. They're seriously this bright, no filter. I've been trying to expand my color palette, so this was a welcomed sight.
I know when I first started yoga I bought everything grey and black, I wasn't comfortable in my body, but now I'm proud of the small my accomplishments. So, I've been treating myself to colorful, printed clothes. These fit the bill. Their sleek styles come in all different colors.

How does it fit?
I barely reach 5 feet, so it's all about crop pants and short tops for me. Thankfully crop pants are easy to find, but tops are a whole different story. Some of my tops have so much material at the bottom that it becomes a real headache. I didn't have a problem with these at all.

How did they do in class?
I didn't feel restricted at all. It happened to be a hotter than normal class and instead of pulling at my top to breathe I focused on my form. In fact I really didn't think about my clothes at all. That's a win for me. 

 The biggest test is the roll down. Did my top roll down and expose my stomach to the whole class when I was in down dog? Nope, awesome! 

Overall these were great pieces; they fit my style and comfort requirements.
Just to note: You can't wear these pieces alone, add a sports bra to fit your support needs.


Add A Little Flare to Your Life with Bell Bottoms.

I can't tell you how excited I am for this look to come back. When I was in high school, I found a trunk of my mom's clothes that she wore in the 70's. I was in style heaven. It was during the time that everyone was wearing GAP or Abercrombie and Fitch like it was a uniform. I was the weird girl wearing her mom's leather coat or multi-colored jumpsuit. I didn't care I loved it. 
That's why I am so excited to see some seventies looks reemerging in 2015. Today, we're delving into the bell bottom look. 
What I love about this style is that it's denim. It automatically brings an ease to styling that would be hard to do with patchwork or crochet bells. You know those existed. 

You don't have to go out and buy 70's inspired tops to make Bell Bottoms work. You can pair it with your favorite everyday top, and your look will be complete. Don't believe me? Look how these beautiful ladies make bell bottoms seem so 2015 in a completely effortless way. 

A House in the Hills
This is a grey shirt, but a black, white or any other solid color crew would make this look rock. It let's the flare shine.

A Walk In Wonderland

I'm pretty sure you have stripes in your closet and you know I'm obsessed. So it must be no surprise that I was able to find a great example of how flare and stripes are a match made in style heaven.

Cotton & Curls

So... You may be surprised that a petite girl like me would even want to wear bell bottoms. Yes, it's hard to find a pair that doesn't completely lose its flare because of the amount of fabric I have to hem. A headache for sure.

But, I love how it elongates a persons legs. I'm pretty much a skinny jeanaholic, but I am also a platform shoe lover. These two loves together sometimes don't make a right. That's the other reason I want bell bottoms. The flare can perfectly fit over my platforms making my legs look longer than they actually are.  Take a look at the image above for my case and point.

Bell bottoms are fun. They will add a little kick in your step.I look forward to indulging.  The best part, you don't have to go full 70's you can make it part of your everyday style.

Isabelle Embroided Flare & Denim Super Flare

Check out these two different looks from Free People. They also have some other styles and washes.
Oh and if you happen to run into petite bell bottoms that are not sold out, please let me know.


Stripes: French Fall to a Nautical Summer!

It's no secret I love stripes. It's a versatile staple that can switch from style to style. And also from season to season. I'll prove it. If you're like me, you've pretty much layered your stripes with sweaters, coats and other tops. It was my go to look for fall. I was channeling the French vibe that seems to trend in the cooler months. But the days of layering is coming to the end. It's time to get ready for the hot days of summer. But don't pack up your stripes just yet. 
Where do you picture spending your time this summer? On a boat? Yeah, me too. This is where your French stripes can make your nautical look come to life. Here are a few looks to inspire your boat days of summer. 



The classic long sleeve, crew neck stripe shirt is perfect top when the breeze off the water gives you a chill. You can pair it with shorts, a long skirt or just wear it by itself with a coverup.

How about mixing things up and having a little fun with stripes? That body suit that you've worn with your jeans all fall long can now live on their own. It's like a one piece swimsuit with half sleeves. 

You can also look to editorials for a little inspiration. These two images perfectly illustrate how stripes can make your "I'm on a Boat" outfit come to life when paired with other prints or in color.

Can't you just picture yourself on a boat, a glass of wine in hand, wearing your favorite stripe shirt? I can.


Dressing Up is Fun To Do. Is the Crop + Midi Combo for You?

One day I'm going to stop rhyming my headlines, one day. But obviously not today. 
Dress season is already upon us and if you have a schedule like mine, you're already thinking you need a new summer wardrobe. But, I don't feel like breaking the bank, so here's a look I am going to jump on this summer to keep me feeling and looking ready for anything.

The crop top and midi skirt trend
It was around last summer, but I was pretty sure it wouldn't work for a petite girl like me. When I finally tried one on last week, I changed my mind. I'm allowed to do that.

Brunch with the ladies. 
In Seattle brunch becomes the weekend thing to do in the summer. It's also fun to do with your girls.

Date Night
Leave your pants at home. It's warming up just enough to work the midi skirt. Go with a fun print skirt to take sexy up a notch. Also, don't be afraid to wear a deep V crop top.

A little Dash of Darling

Fourth of July
Dress it up for the holidays. What's better than gingham print for a picnic date on the 4th of July?
Nothing really. I would add a red flower in your hair to make the overall look work for the holiday. But have fun with it.

The best thing - Buy a few pieces, mix and match them and work this look all summer long.