Fall In Love: 5 Ways to Rock Your Tan Blazer This Fall!

It's blazer time! I live in blazers, but I have to admit I feel like its a little too soon to pull out the black ones for daytime wear. It's still hot out and the two times I've worn a black blazer out I've thought... too soon. But you know what blazer you can rock on sunny days... Your tan one! Here's a few of my favorite ways to wear a tan blazer all fall long.

First, Damsel in Dior rocks it with distressed jeans and a plain shirt - a classic and great look. And my favorite way to wear any blazer.

Ignore my desk in the background. I still haven't put anything on the wall. On my long to do list. 

This is my favorite way to rock a tan blazer - with a summer dress, especially a backless one. Yes, backless dresses were all the rage this summer. Instead of packing them away, just add a blazer and you can take your summer dress to work.

Oh, hi leather shorts. Oh and how perfect they go with a light tan blazer. The structure takes the edginess of the shorts and makes them sophisticated.

It rains a lot in Seattle. Those days are coming, so being able to layer it up is super important. Your tan blazer is up to the job.

Color. I have red pants, I have green pants, I have printed pants and you know what - a tan blazer is up to the challenge. Case and point.

It's funny; a tan blazer can seem too neutral, but this piece will not go out of style, in fact, it will take all of the trendy pieces in your closet and make them look good. So, look good this Fall and rock that tan blazer.

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It's Important to Take a Time Out & Relax: City Sweats Seattle.

Where did the weekend go? This summer my schedule has pretty much owned me. I barely have any time to do something for myself. But, shouldn't we at least always do at least one thing to treat ourselves every weekend. Well, every once in awhile I turn off my phone, shut the computer and head to Madison park to relax at a little place called City Sweats.

The name pretty much says it all. They do offer a lot of services, but the ones that keep me going back are - Lymphatic Drainage Mechanical Treatment and the Infrared Sauna Treatment.

What are these? Well, the Lymphatic treatment is a machine that utilizes a non-invasive technique which applies pressure to various parts of the body to promote circulation and takes toxins out of the body. It's a funny machine, the best way to explain it is if you're familiar with a blood pressure cuff just image one for your whole body. Is it uncomfortable? It's weird at first, but within 10 minutes I always fall asleep.

The Infrared Sauna treatment is my favorite. It helps with detoxification, weight loss, relaxation, skin clarification, relief from insomnia, anxiety, depression, and asthma. They wrap you up like a burrito and turn up the heat. You can fall asleep, but I choose to watch Netflix and zone out.

I usually do the two together and after work. I walk out feeling gooey, as in every bone in my body relaxed. I head home, have a piece of fruit and knock out, having the best night of sleep in awhile.

I was invited to try out the service the first time; I ended up buying a package and scheduling a few sessions guaranteeing myself a time out every once in awhile.

So, if you're looking to detoxify and unplug for a least an hour, you should try City Sweats out.


Fall In Love: Olive Green Jeans and Leopard Print.

It still may be 80 degrees outside, I may have had ice cream last night, and I may have a watermelon in my fridge, but I know Fall is right around the corner. And to tell you the truth I'm excited. Yes, I love summer, but I'm a fall girl at heart. So, I've been dreaming up Fall outfits. Here's one of my favorite fall combos: Olive Green and Leopard Print.

I doubt seeing leopard print as one of my fave things for fall isn't a surprise. I will pretty much wear it year round. But the chemistry it has with olive green is electric.

I'm currently feeling olive green jeans and leopard print heels.

I wouldn't necessarily wear flats, but this is cute. And if I was to own flats I would have it in leopard print.

Last year I bought a pair of leopard print heels from Zara. I loved them all Fall long. But, I never wore them with olive hued jeans.. why? Well, I didn't own any. But this is definitely a combo I'm excited rock it this fall season.


Your New Best Friend, RocksBox: A New Personal Jewelry Stylist Monthly Service.

I love jewelry. I don't feel complete unless I'm wearing a ring or a pair of earrings. I also don't discriminate against where I find my next favorite piece whether its at Nordstroms, a thrift shop or my mom's jewel box, if the piece speaks to me I wear it. But with RocksBox you don't know what you're getting until it arrives in the mail.

What's Rocksbox? It's a service that acts as your personal jewelry stylist.
I do admit I was a little hesitant about trying it out at first. I think jewelry is personal. I like to the think the way I mix simple and statement jewelry adds my personal twist to my outfit. So, how can a stylist who've I never met pick out pieces for me? Well, she can.

Your jewels come in cute little bags. 

I had to fill out a style profile and take a short style survey, but it must have given my personal jewelry stylist a good idea of who I was and what I loved because I adored every single piece I received.

This necklace is perfect for layering. 

There's a great to twist to Rocksbox. You don't have to keep or buy what you get. Because you pay a flat monthly fee, you can wear what you receive for as long as you want and when you're ready for something new you place them back in the box and send the pieces back. This is a fun way to update your jewel box without having to break the bank. But if you decide you love a piece too much to let go there's an option to buy.

These gold finish earrings are light and summery. I've worn them a few times. 

I love love love this ring. 

I adore my necklace and earrings, but I LOVE this ring. I have a feeling it may be staying with me. I can't wait to see what I get next month!

Find out more about RocksBox and give it a try.

This is a sponsored post, but all thoughts are my own. 


The Beach to the Street This Fashion Twist Stands Out!

Summer is winding down... I know its hard for me to admit too. The stores are quickly changing from sun dress havens to sweater boxes. So, instead of buying new summer blouses and dresses we're having to dress up and play with our favorite pieces. So, what's a girl to do? It doesn't have to be complicated. Knot it up.

Maxi dresses perfect for those inbetween weather days can be knotted up for bike rides.

This a trick petite girls use for dresses that are just a little too long or a little too boxy. 

When the sun starts to go down, but you want to soak up beach time as much as possible, knot up your cover up. 

Looking to borrow your boyfriends summer shirt - knot it up for a perfect fit. 

Or knot up your button up and wear it with your boyfriend jeans. 
The best thing about knots - they're not permanent. You can easily play around with it or just completely undo it. So, next time you're looking in the mirror trying to figure out a new way to wear your favorite summer piece, try knotting it up.

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Summer Fun: I Have Blonde Hair!

So, this is what happens when you trust your hair stylist.. .you go blonde. Over the past year I've become adventurous in the hair department. It's fun to switch things up and when Allegra suggested going blonde for summer, I jumped on it.

I've done the balayage treatment before, but this is the first time I've done a foil. This hairstyle is actually a combination of both treatments. The foil is at the top and the bottom is all balayaged.

First time my bangs have been a different color.. ever. 

Do blondes have more fun? To tell you the truth I had a lot of fun as a brunette, but this golden color has been fun to dress up. It's cool how your freckles pop a little differently, your lipstick shines a little brighter and how easy breezy it is and goes perfectly with my summer dresses.

Coupe Rokei Salon


School's in for Summer: A Pleated Style Story

So, pleats are growing on me. I never thought I would say that. I never thought I would write a trend story about pleats, especially pleated skirts. 
Why am I so against this style of dress? Well, I had to wear a pleated skirt as part of a school uniform for too many years. I hated it. 

These skirts are pleated, but they in now way remind me of school. In fact, I would have skipped to school happily if I could have worn skirts these pretties. 

Here's a few of my favorite ways to wear this summer style: 

The crop top look. 
 Make that school girl look grown up. 

With sneakers
The sporty look - I love mixing looks. 


I'm all for color, but classic black is always chic. 

Long sleeves.
For the breezy beautiful cool summer days, the long pleated dress makes you look effortless. 

Moral to the story: Never Say Never 
The only question is what length should my pleated skirt be? That's a whole other blog post. 


5 Reasons Why I Like Blake Lively Reynolds New Website.

I confess I was more of a Blair fan than Serena. Blair had flair and Serena annoyed the hell out of me. I guess it's not fair of me to extend that annoyance to Blake Lively. I know actors aren't their characters, but I still did it. So, when I heard that Blake was launching a new lifestyle website, I rolled my eyes.
But, when I saw that Preserve.us launched curiosity got the best of me.

Five reasons why I like Blakey Lively Reynolds new lifestyle website:

1. It's swimming with nostalgia, and I'm a complete sucker for that stuff.
The Art of Letter Writing and Read 'em and Weep are not your everyday articles and have a certain depth to them that you can't help but want to read beginning to end.

2. The photos have a classic tint. No, they do. I don't know what the filter is, but it's probably has vintage in the title.

3. "The heart of PRESERVE culture is about discovering old and new: music, travels, books, films and more." - I like the old part. I'm in social and tech, so I'm always about the new side of life. I've been trying to discover the old and the craft part of life too, and if this site could be a resource then, I'm all for it.

4. Shop: There are certain sites run by other blondes that sell expensive stuff that makes my mouth drop. But, this isn't the blonde or the site.  Yes, the price point is on the higher side, but I can see why. A lot of the pieces are crafted not manufactured.

5. They're Greater Good stance. It's pretty straight forward - They're for profit, but they're also working towards a goal of giving back.

"We have set our first goal of giving 5,000 children a meal, 2,000 children a blanket, and 2,700 children a warm hoodie, all within the U.S."

So, I'm glad I gave into my curiosity. I'm by no means a super fan, it's only the first issue, but I know it's a site I will visit again. 

Check out the Summer Issue.